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Passwords Best Practise
OPQ Net offers our clients free email mail boxes of an initial 2GB with all our Internet services.

Customers can host their own domains on our mail servers or we can route email to customer's own mail servers.

OPQ Net use broad based scanning and filtering for SPAM (unsolicited email), viruses and malware, whether the email is destined for mail boxes on our servers or routed to clients own mail servers. We do this before mail is actually delivered to customers saving valuable resources (bandwidth, disk space and time!) Our anti-SPAM techniques include industry standard and custom made tools which add up to a world class email system.

Useful Links: Change your email password

Good passwords are essential. Here are some ideas and suggestions -
The Usability of Passwords - 10 Tips for Creating Secure Passwords - Password Generator

For those who have many password here is an excellent way to store and use your passwords and it has a password generator built in (OPQ Net recommended) - Keepass or Enpass

Where does malware come from? Spyware - Malware 101

Passwords - Further Reading

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