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3. Tips For Testing Connections Speed (Speed Tests)
Before reading this article, please read and gain an understanding of how Speed Tests work.

There are so many variables, most of which are out of our control, that affect speed test results, we have put together some tips to gain the most accuracy and give a clearer picture of what's happening on your connection.

Step by step testing is the key to understanding where problem may lie.

Tips for using Speed Test servers;

  1. Start by looking at your PC, laptop or other device and if possible check the speed your PC thinks it is up/downloading at. Windows users, have a look at the excellent NetBalancer as an example.
  2. Test your speed with OPQ. In your browser go to OPQ's Speed Testserver. (This is the part of the "Internet" that OPQ are responsible for.)
  3. Once this test is finished you will see options to test to other Speed Test servers, one of which is Gaborone. Note that the Gaborone Speed Test server is hosted by BTCL. As OPQ connect to BTCL locally (i.e. not over the Internet), this only tests connections between you (OPQ Customer) and a Speed Test server somewhere inside BTCL's network. Choose further away servers in Pretoria, Bulawayo or anywhere else.
  4. Test five times to each server and take an average to increase "accuracy". You will see that the further away the test server is, the "slower" your connection appears. This is to be expected

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